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About Us

With our deep-industry expertise, we are adamant in providing robust and easy-to-access technology solutions with our on-site and off-shore solution facility. We aim to deliver quality products and services to keep the enterprises and portals up-to-date on latest trends in technical and corporate sectors. Inorder to meet the current industry standards, we are stringent on constantly evolving our product and services quality across different verticals, such as web applications, finance, computing, and other technology requirements.

We believe in transforming the lives of our people by providing them a platform to effectively apply their deep-industry knowledge, technical domains and skills to support the growth of the organization and the client in the mutual communion. We attract some of the best talents, with a ‘do not quit’ approach to foster the development.

We are obstinate to hold the ‘trust’ factor by building long-lasting, productive and efficient relationships with communities, customers and organizations. We strongly focus on delivering the operations and solutions wherever and whenever the customer requires it. We abide by our ethics and provide transparent, ethical and unbiased solutions to all without any social and economic barrier.

Krishna Jyothi Informatics is always at the front to provide improved and industry-friendly solutions to ensure better and conductive future for mankind. We help maintain our values and principles by deploying services from the perspectives of the client, enhancing the skills of our people and building better and productive relationship with communities across the globe.

We ensure that our services enable organizations to develop a more radical approach toward any operation to make them sufficient with respect to the optimum utilization of the resource and application of these resources for further development. Our robust IT outsourcing solutions help clients manage their operations while we take care of their IT activities. We take pride as one of the most professional IT outsourcing service provider, with deep-industry expertise and professionally managed IT services.