Upgrading the way customers order food from restaurants

The goal of MealMe is to reduce a restaurant customer wait time to zero.

About MealMe

MealMe is a revolutionary mobile application that will change the way customers order food from restaurants. The goal of MealMe is to reduce a restaurant customer wait time to zero. In today’s world for a restaurant goer there are various factors like traffic delays, waiting for a table, ordering, preparing the food etc., that contribute to the delay in receiving their favorite food at their table. It is estimated that on an average US customer must wait anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes before having access to their meal. This is calculated based on the moment the customer decides to have a meal to the point where the food appears in front of them.

To solve this problem a unique solution has been developed that uses state of the art technology wherein customers can order their meal of choice at a restaurant from the convenience of their smart phone via an application. The app in turn integrates with the restaurant’s meal ordering system. The app pulls in the exact time needed to make that meal; it also tracks the live GPS location of the customer to calculate the drive time ETA of the customer and restaurant.

The app by having this information (i.e. meal preparation time and ETA of the customer), MealMe App will exactly calculate at what time the meal preparation should start and informs this to the restaurant. Upon receiving this trigger, the restaurant starts meal preparation.

By the time the customer arrives at the restaurant the host can have the table ready and the meal served just in time. This not only ensures a hot and freshly prepared meal served every time, but also gives the restaurant the critical information of how many customers are arriving at what time.

This application is state-of-the-art concept does not make customer anxious about taking a detour to run errands on the way to the restaurant because the algorithm can smartly detect this using the customers GPS tracking and can trigger the meal preparation only when the customer is at the right distance from the restaurant.

This application is critical for today’s working-class population because majority of the time customers choose an unhealthy fast food chain due to this uncertainty and long wait times in restaurants. With the advent of GPS technologies, map services and computerized meal ordering systems, we can go back to our healthy lifestyle. The goal of this application is to provide an innovative health conscious way of enjoying a healthy meal.